Steampunk Figurines

Steampunk Figurines

By definition, Steampunk is a subgenre of science fantasy or science fiction that uses aesthetic design and technology inspired by 19th-century steam-powered machinery. Steampunk began as a literary movement in the 1900s, but has now extended its mechanical wings to include fashion, art, design, music, and pop culture.

Steampunk usually makes use of a historical setting and visual storytelling. In order to grasp the idea behind it, just take a trip back to England in the Victorian Era, or America in the Wild West era. Think Sherlock Holmes, steam-powered engines and ornate fashion. Now, continue using your vivid imagination. Pretend the technology and fashion from those eras are still in vogue. Plastic has not yet been invented. Steam has not been replaced by electricity. People still wear outfits consisting of brass pocket watches, waistcoats, and bowler hats. What would this world look like? What would this alternative history be? Voilà! You’ve been transported to the retro-future world of Steampunk.



Envision Gifts Steampunk Figurines extend the theme into a range of quirky characters from a dragon to a dinosaur, bulldog to a turtle.

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